The One and Only, Genuine, Original New York Coffee Cup.


Design-Your-Own Coffee Cup Set


Inspired by the iconic "Anthora" NY Coffee Cup, the world’s first manufactured paper cup with style, the Design Your Own Coffee Cup Set (100 blank paper cups and art supplies) encourage coffee drinkers to express caffeinated creativity by personalizing each disposable paper cup or using each cup as a canvas to produce original works of art. Sip your favorite brew from these coffee bar-grade cups from the Solo Cup Company. Then, using a set of 8 colorful sharpie pens, channel your inner Andy Warhol to illustrate cups with your name, your political statement, pop art-inspired landscapes, or portraits, or imaginary adventures, or, or, or.

The Anthora seems to have been here forever, as if bestowed by the gods at the city’s creation.

                 - The New York Times

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