The One and Only, Genuine, Original New York Coffee Cup.


Porcelain Espresso Cups (Set of 4)


The iconic New York coffee cup has been handcrafted into a delightfully smaller size, ideal for the espresso enthusiast as it is made from all porcelain with the inherent heat retention properties that allow the holder of the cup to sip, and enjoy slowly, a hot cup of brew without losing the heat or the crema. This diminutive cup stands 2.5 inches tall and holds 2.5 ounces.

The Classic NYC Espresso Cup is modern, elegant, casual and refined. When not being used as an espresso cup, this is a beautiful vessel to serve dips, sauces and condiments. The cup is stackable, extremely durable resisting chips and cracks, and microwave, hot oven and dishwasher safe.

The Anthora seems to have been here forever, as if bestowed by the gods at the city’s creation.

                 - The New York Times

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