NY Coffee Cup Watch
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NY Coffee-to-Go Cup Watch

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"We Are Happy To Serve You"

Over nearly half a century, New York has made the coffee-to-go cup with the customer-friendly WE ARE HAPPY TO SERVE YOU part of its culture.  The iconic cups have inspired a timepiece to keep track of every New York Minute.  No other watch could better flaunt the wearer's passion for coffee.

Johnny Carson once described a New York Minute as being the time it takes "from the traffic lights to turn green, until the guy behind you starts honking his horn."  In the high-energy city, where time is money, everyone is obsessed with knowing what time it is.  Your watch says more than a few descriptive words about your individuality, so let it speak in a stylish way. When you wrap the fashion-forward Coffee Time Watch around your wrist, you make a bold statement about your beverage of choice.  Battery-powered quartz watch movement and natural leather band.  By the way, isn't it time for a coffee break?