NY Coffee-to-Go Cup Cuff Links

NY Coffee-to-Go Cup Cuff Links

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  • Set of cufflinks inspired by the NY Coffee-to-Go cup
  • Measures approximately 1/2-inches (W) x 7/8-inches (H)
  • Crafted in enamel on a silver-plated background
  • Features a bullet back closure
  • Presented in a handsome gift box

"We Are Happy To Serve You"

Over nearly half a century, New York has made the coffee-to-go cup with the customer-friendly WE ARE HAPPY TO SERVE YOU part of its culture. The iconic cups have inspired a set of cuff links, dressed up for a night on the town.

Even a matter-of-fact sort of chap, when he fastens on a pair of cufflinks, even he can feel a difference. The right accessory can do a good job in expressing your individuality. And these articulate cuff links always add just a bit of wit to that tailored suit. The man who wears NY Coffee-to-Go Cup-inspired Cuff Links is bound to raise a few eyebrows, as he makes his own fashion statement. Crafted in enamel on a nickel-plated backing and presented in a handsome gift box. Perfect for the CEO or a gift for your favorite barista. Or, or, or.